Where You Can Buy a Dwarf Hamster: 11 Best Places

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You’ve debated getting a dwarf hamster for a while, and you’ve finally made up your mind. 

It makes sense! 

Anyone of any age can enjoy having a hamster as a pet. In America, dwarf hamsters have consistently remained one of the most well-known pets, particularly among new pet owners.

These adorable fluffy creatures are just the right size to fit in your hand while still being visible. It is effortless to grow fond of these rodents and fall in love with being around them.

But where exactly would you find these little friends since going into the wild doesn’t sound like the best option?

Why don’t you read on to learn where to buy a dwarf hamster?

Where to Buy a Dwarf Hamster Near Me

Dwarf Hamster Rescue and Shelter Centers

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Dwarf hamsters frequently end up in shelters and rescue organizations because owners often buy them without thinking it through or give them away when their kids outgrow them.

Dwarf hamsters that are accustomed to human contact are typically found in shelters, giving you a better idea of the character and personality of your future pet.

Additionally, shelters have knowledgeable staff who can respond to your inquiries and assist you in determining whether getting a dwarf hamster is the best option for you.

Here are some of the top shelters and rescue operations.

1. Home Sweet Hammy Home

This non-profit organization rescues small animals like dwarf hamsters and places them up for adoption. Because they are highly knowledgeable and compassionate, they build magnificent cages for the animals in care and sell them.

2. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

It’s a large nonprofit group that rescues small animals, cats, and dogs. To see if a dwarf hamster is available for adoption right now, you can browse the database to locate ASPCA shelters in your area.

3. American Humane Organisation  

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It’s a non-profit organization devoted to animal welfare, care, and other national initiatives. You can look up your local shelter or rescue in the database to see if dwarf hamsters are available. There are many AHS shelters in the US.

Dwarf Hamster Breeders

The best places to buy a dwarf hamster are from hamster breeders. They are very knowledgeable about how to care for their hamsters. 

The hamster’s birthdate, medical history, and reproductive success are just a few of the crucial documents that a reputable hamster breeder should be able to provide.

Here are some of the top breeders of dwarf hamsters.

4. Furball Critters

This well-known breeder raises rats and chinchillas in addition to dwarf hamsters. Furball Critters takes pride in their non-biting assurance and promotes these hamsters as suitable pets through messaging.

5. Happy Paws Hamster

Happy Paws Hamsters has been a passionate breeder for over 4 years. This dwarf hamster breeder, who believes in “quality over quantity,” has a sizable breeding population of these rodents and makes an effort to take the time to instruct pet owners on how to care for them properly.

They also have many adorable photos of their latest hamsters on their Facebook page!

6. Nantucket Hamstery

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Nantucket Hamstery is a facility located in the Chicago suburbs’ northwest side. They educate their owners on all things hamster-related and guarantee that all dwarf hamsters sold are as healthy and socialized as possible.

Local Dwarf Hamster Pet Stores

Dwarf hamsters are one of the many animals available for purchase in pet stores. In pet stores, young hamsters are the norm.

If you go to a pet store, ensure the animals are being cared for properly by looking at their living arrangements. Poor housing conditions can cause behavioral or health issues in dwarf hamsters.

7. Petsmart

PetSmart is a big chain of pet shops selling live animals like rodents, birds, reptiles, and pet supplies. It sells hamsters in-store so that you can see them for yourself.

8. Pet Supplies Plus

It sells small animals like hamsters and pet supplies in stores all over the country. Dwarf hamsters cannot be purchased online, but you can visit the store to see them and get a sense of their living standards and general well-being.

9. Petco

It is a national chain of pet stores. Petco also offers small animals like hamsters and gerbils for sale in addition to pet food and supplies. Petco doesn’t allow online pet purchases, but you can go in person to see the hamsters and socialize with them before making a decision.

Other Place Where I can Buy a Dwarf Hamster

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10. Dwarf Hamster Shows

Although hamster shows are competitive, there are frequent opportunities to buy dwarf hamsters there. These events are typically organized by volunteers who are enthusiastic about hamsters, promoting them as pets, and fighting for their welfare.

11. Online Stores

An additional choice for buying hamsters is to look online. Just be aware that hamsters shouldn’t be shipped because the experience will be too stressful.

In Conclusion

These adorable friends can bring you a great deal of happiness without wasting your time. Do your research and take your time when choosing where to buy dwarf hamsters.

Best wishes as you start your search for a dwarf hamster.

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