5 Best Ways to Bond With Your Dwarf Hamster

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Dwarf hamsters are naturally afraid of people they do not know. However, building a solid bond with your hamster is possible when you dedicate time to it.  

To ensure you have a relationship, you can work on several things. Investing time, regular feeding, playtime, and being patient are some of the best ways to bond with your hamster.

You mustn’t rush the process and take time so your hamster can learn to trust you.

To help you get to know each other, read this blog that covers some of the best ways to bond with your dwarf hamster.

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How To Get Your Dwarf Hamster to Like You

1. Provide a Comfortable Home 

For the hamster to adjust to his new environment, provide a safe home for them. Ensure their cage is clean and spacious, with plenty of toys and hiding places. 

When your hamster is comfortable in his new home, he will feed, explore and play even in your presence. 

The good idea is to place the cage in a warm area away from noisy areas like a TV. Loud noises can affect their functioning since they have very good hearing.

2. Allow The Hamster to Get Comfortable With You

If you want to build a rapport with your hamster, it’s important to allow them to sniff you so they can feel comfortable with you.

They have a strong sense of smell, so they may come near you and sniff you before deciding whether or not to approach you. If you’re patient and let them take their time, they’ll eventually warm up to you and may even enjoy being around you.

Spend some time around your hamster and talk to them. They will get comfortable with your voice even if you are just talking on the phone or reading a book.

 If you push the hamster to play with you immediately after you bring it home, it might get stressed and fearful. It will be harder for the hamster to gain trust again.

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3. Offer Them Healthy Treats 

Give your hamster a special treat once they start warming up to you.  This will create a positive association and make them more likely to repeat the behavior.

Your hamster will see that you’re friendly and want to be close to it. Hamsters love to eat, so offering them some of their favorite foods is a great way to start building a bond. 

Feeding your hamster on your hand is another opportunity for bonding. Once your hamster starts taking the treats from you, you can begin petting it gently. Keep your interactions short at first; later, you can have a longer bonding session. 

4. Offer to Pick Them Up Gently  

Gently pick them up and hold them in your hand. 

It can take a while before the hamster is comfortable with you holding it, even inside the cage.

Take time by putting your hands inside the cage and allowing it to come to you. When it happens, do not take your hands outside the cell; just hold him inside his safe environment.  You can repeat it several times a day.  After a while, the hamster will allow you to hold it outside the cage. 

Picking up your dwarf hamster in your hand is a fun and easy way to bond with your furry little friend. Hamsters are very delicate, so it’s important to be gentle when picking them up. Hold your hamster close to your body and support their back end with your other hand.

You can also try picking them up by scooping them up in your cupped hand. Once you have a good grip on your hamster, lift them slowly and pet them at the back of their heads.

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5. Spend Time Together Out of Their Enclosure

Hamsters love to play, so you can engage in some activities together. Spending playtime together will allow you to get to know your hamster’s personality and let them get used to your presence. 

Allow your hamster to explore around or on you. 

You can simply sit on the floor or sofa with your hamster in your lap, letting them explore and sniff around. Or, you can set up a small play area with toys and tunnels for them to enjoy. Just be sure to supervise closely, as they are prone to escape.

Either way, your dwarf hamster will love the one-on-one time with you, and you’ll bond better in the process. 


Dwarf hamsters are wonderful pets. They are gentle and friendly and love to interact with their owners.

Bonding with your hamster will take some patience and persistence in your efforts. The best way to bond with your dwarf hamster is to spend time with them, play with them, and get to know their personalities. 

Be sure to keep trying a few times to create opportunities for them to build trust. Reward their efforts with food at all times. 

Each dwarf hamster has unique characteristics, so take the time to learn their little quirks and enjoy the new family member.

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