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Are you a pet owner looking for your next furry family member? Syrian and Dwarf hamsters are common in pet stores, but what sets them apart? And which one is the right fit for your home and lifestyle? 

Let’s take a deep dive into the similarities and differences between these two pint-sized mammals so that you can make an informed decision when selecting the best companion animal for your home.

Are dwarf hamsters better than Syrian?

It’s hard to judge which type of hamster is better, as both have unique advantages. Dwarf hamsters are great for their friendliness and interactivity, while Syrian hamsters are prized for their intelligence and devotion. Dwarf hamsters tend to be more social, enjoying the presence of other creatures and doing well in small groups. 

On the flip side, Syrians tend to be a bit more independent but still make wonderful companions due to their affectionate natures. Ultimately, it depends on individual preferences—a person looking for an affectionate companion may prefer Syrian whereas someone seeking a lively pet may opt for a dwarf.

Which hamster is the friendliest?

Most hamsters are lovable little bundles of fur, but certain breeds stand out for their friendliness. Syrian hamsters, also known as golden or teddy bear hamsters, are among the most sociable and outgoing of all pet hamsters. They love to interact with humans and other animals, often following people around the house and seeking out attention and affection. 

Chinese Hamsters also have a reputation for being friendly and playful; however, due to their extremely active nature, they may be better suited for more experienced pet owners as opposed to beginners. Regardless of your choice of breed, one thing’s for sure– when it comes to pet hamsters, you can expect warm cuddles and unconditional love!

Which type of hamster is the calmest?

When it comes to hamsters, everyone has their preferences. From Syrian and Dwarf to Roborovski, there are plenty of different types to choose from! But if you’re looking for a furry friend who’s as laid back as can be, the calmest choice would have to be the Syrian hamster. These little rodents are known for being incredibly docile – so much so that they often become very tame in just a few weeks of handling! 

And on top of being sweet and laid-back, they also live longer than other species. So if you’re looking for a hamster with an even temper and long life span, the Syrian is your best bet.

What is the easiest hamster to take care of?

When it comes to caring for hamsters, Syrian hamsters are the ideal pet. Often referred to as the “golden hamster,” they are relatively easy to take care of and will stay healthy as long as they get enough exercise, a balanced diet, and some entertaining toys. Syrian hamsters have a pleasant temperament and can become quite social if given time to bond with their owners. 

They also live alone so there’s no need to worry about getting two or more to keep each other company. To be sure your Syrian hamster is living its best life, provide plenty of bedding in their cage, food that is conducive to its health, and lots of toys like wheels or chew sticks!

Should I get 1 or 2 dwarf hamsters?

Owning any type of animal is a huge responsibility, and hamsters are no exception. It can be tempting to get two dwarf hamsters since they’re so tiny and cute, but before making that decision it’s important to research their habits and needs. Dwarf hamsters can sometimes be territorial; keeping them in separate cages or making sure there is plenty of space between them is key to promoting harmony. 

On the other hand, some breeders say that getting two at once can also help them bond quickly and establish their dominance hierarchy quicker than a single hamster could. Taking into consideration these factors as well as any lifestyle changes you might need to make for either option should help you decide if one or two dwarf hamsters are best for your situation!

What hamsters are less likely to bite?

Hamsters make great pets, and there are many breeds to choose from! Generally, Syrian hamsters and Roborovski dwarf hamsters are known for being less likely to bite than other types of hamsters. Syrian hamsters can be quite independent and like having some time alone, while Roborovski dwarf hamsters love to explore and interact with their owners more often. 

Both are unique in behavior and personality so if you’re looking for a gentler pet, these two might be your best bet!

Which hamster has the best personality?

When it comes to hamsters and their personalities, there’s no single “best” type–it all depends on your preferences. If you’re looking for energy and excitability, the Syrian hamster is a great choice. They love to run around, explore their environments, and interact with people, making for hours of entertainment. For those who prefer quieter companions, Russian dwarf hamsters are gentle, calm creatures that rarely bite. 

They can also be quite social if they’re handled regularly! Finally, Roborovski hamsters offer effortless cleanliness; they don’t deposit much waste and often use readily available litter trays or other devices in their habitat for efficient cleanup. Ultimately, there’s a personality type for everyone; happy searching!


All in all, while both Syrian and Dwarf hamsters are great pet choices, depending on your personal preference, one may be the clear winner for you and your family. Dwarf hamsters can provide an abundance of energy for playtime but may require more attention than their larger Syrian counterparts. On the other hand, Syrian hamsters are perfect for those who have limited space in their home or don’t want long play sessions every day. 

Ultimately at the end of the day, both types of hamsters make excellent companions for families and singles alike. With lively personalities and sweet dispositions, each breed can bring a variety of joy to any home. Be sure to do your research and determine which breed is best suited for you!

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