How Much Do Dwarf Hamsters Cost?

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For many people, dwarf hamsters make wonderful pets because they are adorable little creatures. They are the most widely kept hamster breeds in America alone. The fact that hamsters don’t need a lot of maintenance is the main reason people keep them as pets.

They make manageable pets and only need minimal upkeep and effort to maintain happiness and comfort—all they have to do to get sufficient exercise and food and run around on their wheels. 

As more families choose to keep these timid animals at home, dwarf hamsters are becoming more and more sorted in the pet industry.

However, how much do dwarf hamsters cost?

Continue reading to find out more.

How Much Does it Cost to Take Care of a Hamster?

1. Dwarf Hamster’s Hideout

A wooden hiding place is a good one. It absorbs moisture, keeps the dwarf hamster warm and dry, and is safe to chew. Get your hammy a wood hideout because hamsters will chew anything and everything, including it.

Therefore, the cost of the hideout would range from $11 to $35, and you would only need to purchase it once. That hiding place will remain for many years even if your hamster chews on it endlessly.

2. Hamster Cage

How Much Does a Hamster Cage Cost? The type of cage you choose for your hamster will determine the price. These are the dwarf hamster cages that are available.

Metal Cage

This wire-mesh cage allows your pet to breathe thanks to the spaces between the wires. To prevent the hamster from escaping, you must ensure that the distance between the wires is less than half an inch. At $40 gets, you can get a decent metal hamster cage.

Plastic Cage

Plastic cages are the most prevalent after metal and are suitable for tube accessories. Not the best for breathing, so choose carefully. The cost of this cage is about $42.

Glass Cage

These cages are available in bigger sizes than those of plastic or metal, but you must fix them in place. A wire mesh is required for the tank’s top and plenty of room at the top. In comparison to its counterpart, they are also a little more expensive. The cost of a hamster glass cage is around $219.

3. Dwarf Hamster Toys

Many toys are available for hamsters, some of which are best made at home. For instance, hamsters love the cardboard tubes left over from paper towels.

The price will vary depending on what you choose to buy your hamster. These are one-time purchases that your hamster will use for the rest of his life.

So it could cost nothing (as in the case of the toilet paper tubes) to around $22 for a digging tower. It’s entirely up to you, but remember that your hamster will require a few toys, even though you make them all yourself.

4. Dwarf Hamster Bedding

Wood chips are the most easily accessible bedding option for hamsters, which require a lot of it. If available in your area, aspen wood chips make your hamster’s best bedding. If not, bedding made of paper would be an alternative.

Depending on the amount and frequency of care you offer your dwarf hamster, bedding can last for several weeks or even months.

One of the least risky kinds of bedding you can buy for a hamster is aspen. To purchase one on Amazon, you’ll need to pay around $35.

If aspen isn’t readily available where you live, you can purchase paper bedding for the hamster. It costs $23 and will last your hamster for approximately 3 months. Paper bedding costs more than wood shavings do.

5. Dwarf Hamster Wheels

The good news is that an exercise roller and ball are one-time purchases and dwarf hamsters require a lot of exercise. Everything will last the hamster forever, except for food and bedding.

When purchasing an exercise wheel for your hamster, you should consider how big the dwarf hamster will grow as an adult. A dwarf hamster adult can grow to a minimum of 12 cm.

Dwarf hamsters can live on a wheel that costs around $30 and is big enough for them.

Wrapping Up

There is just one more thing we want you to keep in mind. 

Please conduct as much research as possible before going outside to pick up a dwarf hamster. There are numerous common mistakes that brand-new hamster owners make, such as investing in the wrong enclosure.

We were hoping you could avoid these mistakes in addition to being able to save money. But we also care a lot about dwarf hamsters; we have provided you with this information. With this knowledge, you are prepared to make a confident purchase of a dwarf hamster.

All the best!

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