Can Dwarf Hamsters Swim?

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Do you have a dwarf hamster as a pet? If so, the number one question on your mind might be “Can my little friend swim?” Before making any decisions like taking them to the beach or swimming pool, it’s important to know and understand their capabilities when it comes to water. 

Today, we’re going to answer this burning question – can dwarf hamsters swim? Read on if you want all the details about whether or not these tiny critters can handle being submerged in liquid!

What happens if a dwarf hamster gets wet?

If you’ve ever owned a dwarf hamster, then you know that they love exploring tight places and don’t like to get wet. If a dwarf hamster does happen to get wet, it can be quite traumatic for the little furry ball of joy! It’s important to remember that not all breeds of hamsters are equal and some may take getting wet better than others. 

But generally, even if it was an accident, bathing them or allowing them to linger in the water can lead to sickness or dehydration. So best practice is to keep little hamsters away from any potential sources of water unless it’s necessary.

What should dwarf hamsters not do?

Dwarf hamsters may be small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have many of the same needs and pet care requirements as regular-sized hamsters. While these little critters need plenty of playtime and exercise, there are some things they should not do. Keeping sharp objects and materials in the hamster’s cage can be dangerous, as they may accidentally ingest them while burrowing. 

Similarly, using cedar bedding products and pine shavings should be avoided as they can cause respiratory problems for these tiny rodents. If you want to give your dwarf hamster a toy full of treats, avoid those that feature too much sugar or caffeine – it can easily lead them to put on extra weight! Finally, if you pick up a dwarf hamster, remember to handle him gently – their small size means pain even more easily than other breeds of pet rodents.

Do dwarf hamsters need baths?

Owning a dwarf hamster can be a lot of fun and there are several key things that you need to know when caring for them. One common question among dwarf hamster owners is whether or not they need regular baths. The answer is no – unlike some other kinds of pets, dwarf hamsters don’t require baths. Giving a bath to your furry pal could be stressful and even dangerous for them! 

Dwarf hamsters do like to clean themselves though, so periodic brushing and nail trimming may sometimes be required. Additionally, providing them with clean bedding will help keep their sensitive skin healthy and promote their overall well-being. Taking good care of your dwarf hamster will ensure that you both have many years of joy together!

Do dwarf hamsters like hot or cold?

Dwarf hamsters are surprisingly intelligent and curious creatures, so it makes sense that their ideal habitat would have a wide variety of climate fluctuations. Even though their wild home spans much of Northern China and Mongolia, the preference of dwarf hamsters when it comes to temperature varies depending on the species. 

For example, Roborovski dwarfs prefer warmer temperatures (between 65-80°F) while Winter White Fancy enjoys cooler climates (around 50-65°F). To keep your little furball happy, you’ll want to create an environment with temperature fluctuation or room temperature in the mid 60s°F – regardless of the species!

Is it OK to put your hamster in water?

It’s generally not recommended to put your hamster in the water of any kind, even if they love to swim. Though they may enjoy it, the stress and shock of a sudden dip will be too much for them to handle. Furthermore, frequent dips can damage their delicate skin, which is why bathing your pet is otherwise only done under veterinary supervision. 

Instead of bathing your hamster in water, consider grooming tools such as a comb or brush if you want to keep their fur looking healthy and clean. Doing so can also provide physical stimulation for them!

What happens if a hamster bites you?

When a hamster bites you, it can range from a minor annoyance to a painful pinch. The extent of the injury largely depends on the size of the hamster and the strength of its bite. A hamster can draw blood, though this isn’t common. The best way to deal with a hamster bite is to swiftly but gently remove your finger from its mouth and either scold or ignore the hamster as appropriate. 

If the bite hurts more than two hours after it occurs, it is important to keep an eye on it because minor infections may occur at any time following an animal bite. Luckily, most bites are no more serious than slight soreness or redness that only lasts for a short amount of time.

What annoys hamsters?

Hamsters may look cute and cuddly, but they can certainly be high-maintenance. Several things make a hamster grumpy, such as loud noises, bright lights, and being disturbed when they’re sleeping. It’s important not to leave your hand in their cage for too long as they get agitated if you startle them or hold them for too long. 

Unfamiliar odors are also known to set off a hamster’s nerves. Not to mention the occasional gluttonous greediness for food – don’t try to keep a hamster away from its snacks! As some say, hamsters have delicate temperaments, so it’s best to respect their space and cater to their needs to live in harmony with one another.


Dwarf hamsters are capable of swimming, though not for extended periods or in large bodies of water. If you ever see your hamster swimming, it’s a sign that they don’t feel safe and may be trying to escape from a precarious situation. If you own one of these pets, it’s important to keep an eye out for them when near any body of water and create a safe environment for them at home. 

In addition, the best way to enjoy their aquatic skills is by allowing supervised play time in shallow, safe areas with fun toys so they have an opportunity to move around and explore without harm coming to them. Plus, when it comes to watching this cuteness while they swim, let’s just say that nothing can come close!

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